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මා සිතන හැටියට මේ සමහර කරුණු ඔබ නොදන්නවා විය හැකිය.
Using incognito window
Incognito window offers you to surf on a PC without leaving behind any digital footprints. If you use it, all of your surfing will be hidden and no one can trace your surfing to Internet world. To open and use incognito window, use Ctrl + Shift + N  keys all together and use incognito window of Google Chrome.
Link opening in incognito window
 You can open any link in an incognito window. For this you have to right-click the link and select Open link in incognito window.
Opening recent browser tabs
Sometimes you may mistakenly close your browser tab during browsing time. But don't worry. By using Ctrl + Shift + T all together, you can easily open the recent browser tabs again and can find your recent pages.
Custom search through Google Chrome

Default search of Google Chrome is Google. But you can change or edit the search options. For changing default search engine through other search engine like yahoo, AOL, ask etc. or any other things, just right click inside the address bar and select Edit search engines... From these lists, select anyone for your default search engine. After doing all of these, write your own thing in the address bar and hit enter and you will be directed to the search page.
Loading Chorme's home page
By using  Alt + Home  all together you can load Google Chrome home page. This also enables thumbnails of your most visited sites shown in the active tabbed window.
Increasing space in a text area
You can easily increase more space in a textarea or re-size the text area by dragging the lower right corner of the text area.
Jumping to different opened tabs
 You can switch the currently opened tabs by using Ctrl + 1Ctrl + 2Ctrl + 3 ...Ctrl + 9. Ctrl + 1 means the first tab, Ctrl+2 means the second tab and so on. Ctrl+9 takes you to the last tab. In this way, you can easily switch the tabs easily.
Clearing history

Click on Customize and control Google Chrome (it is at the top right corner of your browser window) and select Clear browsing data to clean the history according to your own wish.
Bringing up history page
To bring the history page quickly, useCtrl + H. Here, you can easily view the group-wise history. You may also erase the history also.
Jumping the Downloads page
By pressing Ctrl + J, you can jump to the Download page.
Flexibility of downloading and saving

By using Google Chrome, you can easily download files and you can easily copy that to the desktop or to any other specific folder by using drag and drop directly.
Bookmarks enabling and hiding

By using Ctrl+B, you can easily enable Chrome's bookmarks bar. If you press Ctrl+B again, the bookmark bar will be automatically disabled.
Easy bookmarking
You can easily bookmark a site by clicking the star icon at the left of the address bar. Now, select a folder to add it to or arrange and save your bookmark according to your own wish.
Loading Chrome's home page and most visited pages
You can load Google Chrome's home page, including the thumbnails of mostly visited sites by pressing Alt Home.
Viewing installed plug-ins
Different purposes, you download and install several types of plugins. To see what plugins are installed on your computer, just type about:plugins into the address window.Now you will see all the installed plugins in shortly.
Creating application shortcuts
At the top right corner, there is an option named as Control the current page. Click on it and there is an option named as Create application shortcuts... Now, decide where you want to place the desired shortcut. This option works for Google apps, Google Calendar, Documents, Windows live hotmail etc.
Some of the common useful shortcuts

At last, some of the common shortcuts are presented below:
  • Ctrl+N : To open a new window
  • Ctrl+T : To open a new tab in the current window
  • Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 : To close current tab or pop-up
  • Ctrl+P : To print the current open page
  • Ctrl+S : To save the current open page
  • F5 : To reload the current page
  • Ctrl+F5 or Shift+F5 : To reload current page, ignoring the cached contents
මා හිතනව මේ පෝස්ට් එක ක්‍රෝම් භාවිතා කරන ඔබට වඩා වටීවි කියලා..


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