My Internet is slow – How to Speed Up a Slow Internet Connection



Slow Internet connections are quickly becoming one of the most annoying problems of our generation – with millions of people having to put up with less-than-adequate connection speeds to browse the Internet. Although there are many different reasons why Internet connections will run slow, the good news is that it’s actually very easy to boost the speed of your slow internet connection by using these simple steps…

1) Check The Speed To Your PC - It’s often the case that Internet companies will either have a problem or issue that causes the Internet connection to your computer to become slower than what you are paying for. This is the most common reason why connections will run slow, and to make sure it’s not a problem for you – you should type “Broadband Speed Test” into Google, and click the first result. This will bring up a speed test website which allows you to see exactly how fast your Internet connection is. If your connection is below what you’re paying for, or is under 1mb/sec, you should look to talk to the Internet company about the problem.
2) Close Internet Applications – It’s a common problem that people will install a lot of applications / programs that end up using the Internet a lot. This is a big problem because the Internet that’s on your PC is effectively “split” amongst your various applications; which means that if you’re using the likes of AIM, Skype, email or another Internet-intensive application, you should close them down. Obviously, don’t close the programs you’re using… but if you have them open and are not using them, they could be impeding the speed of your connection dramatically and cause a slow internet connection.
3) Check Networked computers – Network computers “share” your Internet connection with yours. This means that if you’re on a network with other computers (perhaps at home or in the office), you need to make sure that you don’t have any other computers that are causing problems. You should check to see if the other PCs on your network are not downloading / uploading, and are not using any Internet-intensive applications that could cause your system to run slower.
4) Limit Online Games – Online games are a big drain on connection speed because they are continually trying to download & upload masses of data to their various online servers. If you have an Xbox or any other console on your network, and someone is playing online with it, you might want to wait until they’ve finished in order to have a full speed Internet connection again on your PC. Alternatively, you could ask them to postpone playing until you have done what you need on your system to prevent a slow internet connection.
5) Clean Out The Registry – The ‘registry’ is a central database for Windows, which stores a lot of vital information for your computer… and is also one of the biggest causes of slow Internet speeds. Not many people know this, but the registry database is constantly making your Internet seem to run slow because it’s unable to read the settings it needs to make the connection as quick as possible.
The registry is a database which stores all sorts of vital information and settings for your PC – constantly saving a lot of vital information for your computer. Every application and program that you use on Windows needs to read 100′s of registry settings to help it run as smoothly and reliably as possible but it’s often the case that many registry settings become damaged and unreliable – making Windows run extremely slowly as it struggles to read the files it needs.
This is a very common problem and often causes your Internet browsers to run extremely slowly. To fix this, you should donload and run a system and registry scanner to repair any  corrupt settings that could be slowing your connection down. Click here to scan your computer now and speed it up.


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