How to Receive Facebook Messages On Your Cell Phone



Facebook integrates your on-the-go lifestyle with your online profile. Almost every aspect of Facebook is mobile-friendly. You can even easily send and receive messages on most cell phones.


Receive Facebook Messages on Your Cell

Go to the Facebook home page and sign in with the email address you registered with and your password (see Resources below).

Click on "My Mobile" to set up your cell phone for use with Facebook. You will land on a page with information on the ways to integrate your cell with the Web site.

  • Select "Learn More about Mobile Texts" for guidance on setting up your cell to receive messages and to learn about other cool features. You can also do this from the "Summary" tab

  • Choose your carrier and enter your cell number. If your carrier is not available, enter your phone number and the wrong company. This will send a request to Facebook to add your cell provider.

  • Hit the "Confirm" button and wait for the confirmation code to come through on your cell.

  • Return to Facebook and enter the confirmation code in the box on the My Mobile page. If you do not see a place to enter the code, visit the troubleshooting section of the mobile FAQs (see Resources below).

  • Keep your phone handy. As your friends send notes, poke you or update their statuses, you will receive text messages on your cell phone.


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