How To Find A Keylogger on Your Computer



  • Keylogger normally install in one of the Windows directory and the place is hidden so it will be very hard to know which file belong to the keylogger since windows have more than 100K files.

    Step 1: 
    Make sure you have anti virus program running. First you need to do is go to start up and click under “Run”. Then, Type “msconfig” . It will open a new window. After that, Click under Start up (it located on the top right hand). After you click that, there will be so many program that you can disable or enable from here.

    Step 2:
     Disable all the running program in the startup item by clicking on the box. Remember to Disable all. After that, Shut down all you Firewall and Anti Virus software that currently running. Then,

    Step 3: 
    Check again at the msconfig window under Startup (all the program is disable before). If you see any program that automatically enable by itself, That program is definatly is the keylogger program that running back on because you have disable your anti virus. Record the name of the program and the location of the program. If there is nothing enable, it mean that you are free from any keylogger.

    Step 4: 
    Enable/ Run back your anti virus and fire wall program. Remember to enable back all the start up program. Now, you know the keylogger file name and where it located. So, go to that location and delete the keylogger program.

    Step 5: 
    Close all the program and restart your computer. Now, You are free from key logger program.

    Here are some safety tips:
    1. Do not download any programs from someone that you do not know.
    2. Make sure you scan all downloaded file with good anti virus program.
    3. Have a Good Firewall program.
    4. Make sure you know what program you install on your computer and where it located.


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